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Your new employee is going to be moving overseas! Develop a cultural information paper that will help them understand how to make the transition. (NOTE: You are able to choose any countryplease make sure the county of choice is logical for the position.)

Include in this paper:

  • a short introduction to the country,
  • the local customs,
  • what to expect, and
  • a list of what is needed to work in the country.
    • For example: Certain countries require a work visa. Include the requirements for the work visa.

Include country-specific information needed to live and work in that country such as:

  • transportation availability,
  • housing costs,
  • union influence,
  • work week,
  • typical vacation time, and
  • anything specific to the country we would not experience in the US.
    • For example: Some countries the children wear uniforms and go to school all year


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