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New York and Paris

Hello, this is a take-home exam that will take place this Wednesday, March 11th, from 12:15 PM to 1:45 PM (EASTERN TIME). The topic is New York and Paris, which you previously wrote an essay for, and the study guide, which explains the exam format and that contains the questions you’ll receive on the actual exam, is attached.

Here’s what will happen Wednesday:
– I will receive, by e-mail, the questions to the exam. Then, I will send them to you on the chat, or through an attachment. (If we can meet on the chat 15 min before the start of the exam that would be great)
– You will have roughly 1h30 to complete the exam, by using whatever information necessary from the study guide and/or online.
– You will send me back the exam by 1:45 so that I could turn it in.

I know it is quite harsh considering the time limit and the little time you get to work with, but I am willing to pay whatever price if you can do it.

Thank you!


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