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My PICOT statement as related to population health problem. Non-vaccination in ESRD patient causes an increase in hospitalization during influenza season, increase in administering vaccination rate for influenza and pneumococcal vaccine by comparing previous two years hospitalization rates that includes admissions related to influenza and pneumonia complications which will help decreasing the overall hospitalization and missed treatment rate secondary to influenza/ pneumonia adverse effects in a two-year flu season period. This supports the population of focus by preventing admissions to the hospital and missed dialysis treatment. The mortality rate in ESRD patients from pulmonary infections is 14- to 16-fold higher than in the general population, it is alarming that there has been a 31% rise in infection-related hospitalization rates since 1994 in this population (Soni et al. 2013). The problem that I have selected is amendable to research based intervention using the PICOT format because this format will help answer the questions proposed by providing possible therapies or interventions.


The PICOT I developed in NUR-550 is based on the adolescent population, a decrease in the stigma towards mental health patients through education will ultimately lower suicide rates within 6 months to a year. The change initiative I am proposing is increasing education about adolescent suicide related to anxiety and depression both in terms of treatment options and the reality of this disorder. For both adults and adolescents, a very real stigma exists that has created a barrier for people to seek help. Varying from adults though, is the additive stressors that adolescents deal with separately from anxiety and depression that they have.

By focusing on adolescents, it allows me to specifically address the unique time in their life and the varying barriers they face. I believe in the power of education and that knowledge is power. Adolescents should have every resource and every ounce of knowledge we have to offer on how to get through these times and be able to thrive.

According to the World Health Organization, depression is the fourth leading cause of illness in ages 15-19, anxiety is the sixth for 10-14 year olds, ninth for ages 15-19, and globally suicide is the third leading cause of death for this age population. This topic is a very prominent problem that many people are afraid to talk about, which is why studying research-based interventions is vital to the health of our community. Creating a study based on adolescents has the benefit of easy access through schools, therefore being able to track success. The other reason this is a good topic to investigate is that it is an under-researched topic in both development and mental health literature (Heary et al., 2017). While this creates initial barriers, it makes for research that matters and has the potential to truly demonstration usable community interventions.


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