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Nursing Leadership

1. Synthesize knowledge from nursing and the physical, behavioral, psychological and social sciences, and the humanities in the practice of professional nursing.
2. Integrate global health and health care, its relevant issues and policies as they relate to professional nursing practice.
3. Evaluate research in the exploration of the spectrum of health within the framework of evidence-based practice.
4. Synthesize standards of professional practice and care.
5. Articulate the role of the professional nurse within inter-professional teams.
6. Analyze current and changing health care information technologies and systems.
7. Summarize the components of leadership and followership in professional nursing practice.
8. Interpret the social responsibility of the nursing profession in the development and implementation of health care policy.

The paper you wrote for me before for leadership I have to now address these points on it for a simple discussion post.  It doesnt need double spaced, just numbered with each answer and just hitting each one.


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