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View the Opioid Prescribing modules offered by CDC: select one of modules the at the CDC website link below to view the content: (Each of these modules are approx. 1 to 1.5 hours in length). PLEASE VIEW ONLY ONE MODULE AND WRITE YOUR OPIOID PAPER.

CDC Modules ( click link below)

Options for reviewing the modules include: 

    View slides
    Listen to transcript,
    Read the transcript
    View the webcast (if compatible)

I recommend that you view the slides while listening to the transcript (A&B).  You will have to advance the slides per your estimate of when the slide should change based on the presenters content.

For the paper,

    Summarize of the main concepts for each of the modules reviewed.
    Identify a conclusion or plan for opioid prescribing as an APRN.
    The paper is to be 1000-1200 words, excluding title page and references. Use APA format.


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