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orientation and preparation plan

Critical self-reflection assessment task instructions:

This task provides you the opportunity to show how you are preparing and orientating yourself for placement. Please write all your answers in first person that is use words such as I, my and me. This is because the focus is your ability to critically self-reflect and not on another persons circumstances or a third-partys opinion. Though it you will demonstrate your ability to critically self-reflect, how you embrace opportunities to grow your personal and professional self, and how you are orientating yourself with professional charters and theoretical concepts in preparation for placement.

*The total word count for this assessment is 2800-3000 words. Aim for about 100 words per question. (In other words please have more than one or two sentences per question.) You may use your judgement on how to distribute the word count based on the needs of the question. Each question will require at least one paragraph. It is fine to use dot points as long as they are explained.

Section 1 – Orientation of Self for placement

1a. Preparing myself for ethical practice within placement.

Locate online, read and describe your understanding of how the following two charters will govern your Field Education placement. Please reference one of the ethical codes (listed in the next box) and the CSU rule (listed in the next box) in your answer.

Charter one
Australian Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics (for social work students)

Charter two
CSU Student General Misconduct Rule

Describe your understanding of the above charters and how they apply to your placement. In your answers please quote sub-clauses from the charters.

Both codes refer to confidentiality and privacy. All agencies will require you to abide with their confidentiality and privacy policies. In concrete terms, summarise how you personally will uphold the principle of confidentiality and privacy? In your answer briefly explain how your professional placement relationships, which will require you to uphold the principle of confidentially and privacy, will differ to your other relationships through the university and in general society e.g., chatting over lunch, at the shops, on social media etc?

1b. Preparing my personal self for placement

Critical self-reflection involves evaluating myself, my life experiences, how I feel and think before I start placement. Why is it important to critically evaluate myself before I start placement?

What things am I planning to do which will emotionally and physically prepare myself for placement?

With regards to placement, what are two examples of my current strengths and two examples of my areas for development?

When the placement has finished, for what do I hope to be remembered? What legacy am I hoping to leave behind at the agency?

What one interpersonal skill and one culturally competent practice skill do I hope to learn from placement?

1c.  Preparing my professional self for placement

What do I need to know about the placement agency? Succinctly list two examples and the actions you will take regarding this.

What do I need to do in advance to prepare myself for an interview by an agency about a possible placement? (For example, find out what is the agencys dress code?)

You will need to take to an interview at least your drivers license, resume, police check and Working with Childrens Check. If you are being interviewed by health you will need your health compliance documents. Summarise what else do I need to do in advance so as to physically prepare myself for an interview by an agency about a possible placement?

Section 2.  Orientating myself for professional relationships and challenges and for supervision

2a. Self-care

Why is self-care important for placement?

List two self-care strategies that you will be able to use when on your placement.

How would someone know that I was doing things for relaxation/pleasure?

2b.  Time Management

Why is time management important for me, the agency, the people accessing the service and the university? Why is it important for me to be able to manage time effectively whilst on placement?

What can I do to manage time effectively whilst on placement and in doing so ensure that I complete all my allocated placement activities well?
2c. Supervision

Supervision, receiving feedback and guided critical self-reflection are essential to placement.

Summarise in concrete terms one specific example where you have received supervision and have grown in some way. (If you have never received supervision before, then describe an example where you have received feedback about an activity and answer the questions accordingly.)

How did I respond to the feedback? How did the feedback help me grow?

How can I use this experience to prepare me for supervision and receiving feedback whilst on placement?

What two resources can I engage with that will help me prepare for supervision and receiving feedback whilst on placement?
Section 3. Orientating myself to the work environment

3a.  Responsibility & Accountability

What do I think will be the expectations of me when on placement? Who will have these expectations?

How will I identify the boundaries of my role as a student on placement and in what ways will they change as I develop my skills, confidence and experience?
3b.  Responding & Resolving Conflict

How do I currently resolve conflict?

What challenges do I think I will face whilst on placement?

How do I as a professional need to respond to constructive criticism and conflict whilst on placement? In your answer please explain how this is similar and different to how you currently resolve conflict. Remember to refer to your Code of Ethics.
Section 4.  Orientating myself for practice

Integrating theory and practice

List one subject that you have completed (this course or another) that will be of benefit to you on your placement and provide a brief explanation.

List two key learning outcomes you achieved because of this subject. Explain why these were chosen.

How might I apply this learning in my upcoming placement?

Reference List (Minimum of 10-15 references including the textbook. Use APA 7 style)

This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

Formulate individual learning objectives drawn from the AASW practice standards, define, in consultation, appropriate learning strategies and performance measures, and evaluate, in consultation, their performance against these measures; which demonstrate investigation, analysis and synthesis of complex information, problems, concepts and theories applied to the placement context
Critically reflect on their own practice, values and knowledge of social work and identify strengths and areas for future development with a focus on professional identity.
Demonstrate and monitor sensitive communication practices (written, oral) that are appropriate to the professional context.
Identify and synthesise culturally sensitive practices to their professional placement.
The purpose of this assessment is to:

Establish your readiness for placement;
Help you prepare for your placement and to achieve the learning objectives of Social Work Field Education;
Develop an orientation and preparation plan for early professional field education development.
You are required to draw on other subjects in your course to help with this assessment.

For a satisfactory mark in this assessment, you must:

Complete and submit the assessment by the due date
Use the correct format
Demonstrate the ability to evaluate your own preparedness for placement and identify strengths and areas for further development, along with reasonable and practicable strategies to achieve these aims
Demonstrate some learning from the subjects you have studied so far and state how you will use this to inform your practice on placement
Submit original and independent work
Demonstrate you are reflecting on your self as a learning professional and consider the qualities that you bring to the placement experience along with areas for further development.
You will receive an unsatisfactory mark if you:

Do not use the correct format and/or do not follow the instructions
Demonstrate insufficient evidence of serious critical self-evaluation and preparation for placement
Do not demonstrate how learning from previous subjects might be applied to a placement
Have not submitted by the due date (and no reasonable attempt has been made to liaise with the lecturer)


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