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Outside Perspectives

Pick one of the following job-related attitudes for this assignment:
    Job satisfaction
    Organizational commitment
    Happiness at work
    Self esteem
Interview at least 3 people and ask all of the questions below. It would be best to interview
people at work, but if you arent working you can interview friends or family members who
work full time. Write a paper summarizing the perspectives obtained in these interviews. Do
not include any identifying information instead use 3rd person professional voice and be
descriptive (e.g. Subject 1, a 40-year-old Caucasian female who is employed as a manager in a
retail store).
    Ethnicity / Race
    Job title
    Area of employment (i.e. government, retail, service, professional)
    What does [your choice of job-related attitude] mean to you?
    What have you learned about [your choice of job related attitude] that you didnt know when you started?
    What advice would you give someone who wanted to increase their [your choice of job related attitude?
Be sure to include examples (quotes) of what the respondents said as well as an analysis of any
themes or ideas that were repeated across the 3 interviews.

Application Assignments
Includes an APA formatted title page
Includes an APA formatted abstract
Minimum of 3 pages of content in APA style (body of the paper only)
Includes at least 3 outside sources (journal articles) and the required reading
Includes an APA formatted reference page

Required Reading: Brief, A.P. (1998). Attitudes in and Around Organizations. Thousand
Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. (power point attached)


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