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Describe the need for compassion in healthcare.

An essential element of the Death with Dignity Act ensures that you educate patients and their family members regarding the process and provide them with their options. Rassy Medical Center offers Death with Dignity as a service to their patients. As the physician at the clinic, it is imperative that you follow the proper protocol and process to enact Death with Dignity for all of your patients that request it.

Create a questionnaire that lists 15 interview questions you would ask your patients or their family members regarding Death with Dignity and end of life/palliative care for the patient. Ask your questions to a friend or family member, and document their answers in a Word document in question/answer format.

Be sure to include this question: Do you agree with the Death with Dignity Act, why or why not?

15 questions provided. Answers are provided for all questions.
Questions are respectful and show a clear understanding of ethical and moral concerns regarding end-of-life care and Death with Dignity.
Questions focus on multiple aspects of end of life care and indicate a very clear understanding of Death with Dignity issues.


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