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It has now been almost two weeks since the World Health Organization declared the global COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. While most of you were in Charleston at this time, I imagine several of you have since traveled for spring break and/or returned home following the College’s announcement that we would be moving to an online environment in light of this public health crisis.

Please write a 2-3 page (typed, double-spaced) journal entry reflecting upon what you have observed or experienced in the social in the last two weeks since the Pandemic was announced. A few things I’d like you to consider are what the people around you have been doing in light of this news. How have people in your community and your social network reacted? Have they taken the closure of schools and businesses seriously? Or have they blown it off? Are they staying home and following CDC guidelines? Why or why not? Are they stocking up on supplies? Are they concerned about their childcare needs? Are they worried about loved ones? Are they worried about their own health and well-being?

Additionally, I would ask that you reflect upon how you are doing with the uncertainty surrounding Coronavirus, the American economy, and your own obligations such as school, work, and family. Is this situation stressful for you? Why or why not? How has this emergency impacted your daily life? Your travel plans? Your relationships with loved ones? Have you been watching the news or reading up on the pandemic or are you avoiding it? What has been the most surprising, interesting, or stressful thing(s) you’ve observed or experienced since we last met in the classroom and COVID-19 was declared by the WHO as a pandemic?

Though you do not necessarily have to answer every one of these questions, you are expected to consider the types of sociological implications this pandemic is having in American society and in your own community and household, and to think about how this pandemic may or may not be impacting individuals’ mental health and well-being.


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