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For the near future were all practicing social distancing. The minimal face-to-face contact with our friends, family, classmates, professors, and work require us to communicate with others using electronic methods. This assignment asks you to reflect (in 200-400 words) on how you used electronic communications during social distancing.

Some questions to consider:

What apps or websites did you use to communicate? Did you use any new ones?
How did social distancing change how you communicate?
Have you communicated with others more than usual?
Have you spent more time using telecommunications? Consider telecommunications both for social, entertainment, news, and educational purposes.
How have you consumed news? Have you consumed news more or less than usual? Are you relying on different forms of news than usual (social media, national and local TV, print, news websites, word-of-mouth news)?


200-400 word response
Type and save your response in a World file while working on the assignment.
When you are reading to submit the assignment, select Select Submission in the upper right corner of this page then copy and paste your answers into the text box. Make sure you submit the assignment before Tuesday, March 31 at 9:00 a.m. Late assignments will not be accepted.
Proofread before you submit!


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