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Performance Evaluation Techniques

Please Use PowerPoint format
Presentation format of your choice (PPT, Prezi, video, etc.) that covers all of the issues noted in the scenario
Submit no more than 10 slides, not including a reference slide, with an overview and conclusion slide
Use voice-over or the notes section to write the full discussion or thoughts that would be presented in person
APA references slide with the list of references you used to create your presentation

Review the content on methods of performance appraisal (
After reviewing the material, you may want to do a bit more reading on any technique that was unclear to you. The content was designed to briefly discuss the common methods you may employ in your performance management system proposal. Once youve reviewed the material, respond to the following case study:

It is your first six months at your new job as an I/O Psychology practitioner at a consulting firm, and you are assigned to work with a new client, Smiley Deliveries, a company that provides delivery service for pre-approved restaurants and stores to customers. When you ask the director about performance evaluations, he says that the employees do not like to do performance reviews. He asks if you can make a plan that will help the business have better performance documentation. You spend time reviewing the company structure.

The company is small, and involves four managers that work under the director, and supervise employees in the following departments: customer service, deliveries, tech support, marketing and technology, and business relations and contracts. Currently, promotions and hiring decisions are made somewhat subjectively. Performance reviews are very general and do not involve any specific objectives. The managers do not like to do performance evaluations or give feedback.

Your job is to briefly describe a performance management system that the company may use, according to the following:

Identify and describe at least two methods that would be appropriate for performance management for this company and explain why the methods are appropriate.
Recommendations for feedback and expectations.
Describe how you would approach the managers about completing performance appraisals on their staff.
Develop a brief presentation detailing your plan.


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