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PH 520 week 6 discussion

Discussion Prompt 1: Some people prefer seeing data results in graphs, and others prefer seeing data in tables. Which do you prefer and why?

Start prompt 2 on the second page

Discussion Prompt 2: Complete the Media Report Graph Game (all three options: Junk food, Music, Cost of petrol) located in the Week 6 Supplemental Resources. You can also access the game at:

Once completed:
Discuss what you have learned about the perception of graphs and tables in the media, and how it can be manipulated.
Find an example of a graph in the media that you think is skewed to achieve a particular spin on the subject being reported.
Provide the link to the example you found.
Explain why the example is not accurate, and what can be done to “fix” it.

Make sure to use references and APA styled format


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