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PH 520 Week 6 Paper

This is where you will submit your survey for approval from your instructor. You and your instructor will be able to go back and forth making comments until it is approved. You can attach your survey in the same manner as you attach an assignment. To get started, click on “Create Journal Entry” above.

For your survey:

Provide an introduction and/or description for the survey at the beginning of the survey
Include the following under survey comments page:
Include the main research question
What question is measuring the dependent variable
What question is measuring the main independent variable
Survey should have not more than 10 questions
The survey must also include at least 2 open ended questions where participants provide their opinions. These questions need to be related to your topic and hypothesis
Number and order each question. Recommend not more than 10 questions. Make sure to have the responses separated and code them. This will help you in creating your codebook and data entry in Excel. For example:
Q1. Gender
Students with approved surveys can proceed to the data collection phase and start the interview
Survey questions to collect information from 30 participants utilizing paper, on-line survey platform (e.g., SurveyMonkey, Zoomerang) or by email
The data for your short survey should be entered into an Excel database with codebook

also put in the survey questionare that you would need to plug into the excel database for this assignment


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