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For essays, be as thorough as you can. Each answer should be at least 15 sentences. But try to be precise and structured. Also, use original examples (not ones from class). You are free to answer the questions in as much room as youd like (over the 15 sentence minimum). The most important thing is that you show me mastery of content.

You will be graded on these essays in terms of: a) originality; b) the amount of thorough reasoning that you use; c) structure; d) examples; e) citations. Remember, whenever you make any kind of point always be as thorough as possible, argue rather than state, and illustrate it using an example.

Answer all questions:

1. Does the modern, digital world make life more or less absurd? Why?

Use Nagels OR Camuss concept of absurd in order to detail your answer.
Make sure to use original examples in order to support your view. Note: You can have complex answers like, it makes it absurd in ___ way but not absurd in ___ way.

2. Describe how issues with privacy and autonomy can have an element of moral luck. How does this work? Provide original examples from digital communication/media.

Support your answer using information both from accuracy/privacy and also moral luck.
Be as specific as possible in what kinds of digital communication you are talking about.
Make sure that you really show HOW this works rather than just providing an example and citing a definition.


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