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Physics arguments

(1) Answer the posted “Five Questions about Light”.

(2) Write a 1-page essay on one (just one; pick your favorite!) of the topics , (a) “Light Pollution”, or (b) “Radiation from Mobile Phones: Dangerous or Not?”. As usual, cite on a separate page the references you consulted. In either essay stick to what can be said about the respective topic from a scientific point of view. You may express your personal opinion but only at the very end.

If you pick Topic (a): Describe what is meant by light pollution, what adverse effects it causes and why, and what can/should/will be done to reduce the problem. (Btw and FYI, to raise awareness of the issue, many cities worldwide are involved in “Dark Skies” night, with all but the most essential lights everywhere turned off!

If you pick Topic (b): The issue of potential dangers of the radiation emitted by mobile phones is a highly politicized and emotionally charged topic. Try to de-mystify it by separating facts from speculation as best as you can. (Hint: that’s not always easy!) Start with the website of the National Cancer Institute but also look up and discuss the opposing view.

3 pages with references


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