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Podcast outline & reviews
Outline and review 2 podcast episodes to become familiar with a podcasts structure. Choose an
interesting episode and outline the topics/sections, such as introductions, music segments, Q&A,
sponsored segments, etc. Also pay attention to how they transition from one segment to another, how
the hosts divide up the speaking time, how many sponsored segments (commercials) there are, when
and how music is used, etc. Be sure to include the length of each segment in your outline!
Then write a 250-word review of the episode focusing on format/presentation and anything else you
consider noteworthy about the episode. Focus on the structure more than the subject of the podcast.
Include at least one thing that you think can be done better.
The podcasts dont have to be about design; they can be about anything youre interested in. The point
is to help you write your own script later on.
Choose podcasts with at least 2 hosts. I know there are a lot of great podcasts with a single host, but
since you will be working with a partner, a podcast with multiple hosts makes more sense.
Below is a brief list of recommendations to get you started, but you are free to find your own podcast.
The Observatory hosted by Michael Bierut and Jessica Helfand; about graphic design
Switched on Pop about pop music
NPR Politics Podcast political analysis
What A Day news and current events recap
BBC Art & Ideas cultural issues
Gastropod food, science, and history
Sound Opinions music


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