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Policy Analysis

1. Define the Problem
a. What is the problem?
b. What are the impacts of the problem?
c. Who is impacted by the problem?
d. Why is this important?
e. What is causing the problem?
f. What current policies apply?
2. Establish a Policy Goal Youve identified the problem. What is the ideal state you are trying to achieve with this policy? What would be different in the world if successful?
a. What is the desired outcome?
b. Why is this the desired outcome?
3. Establish Evaluative Criteria Here you need to establish exactly how you will be assessing the options available to you. Choose three criteria and operationalize them that is, what does each mean in this case? Finally, what would be your source of data?
a. Criteria 1:
i. Operational Definition
ii. Data Source
b. Criteria 2:
i. Operational Definition
ii. Data Source
c. Criteria 3:
i. Operational Definition
ii. Data Source


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