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Policy and Data Mining

During module thirteen, you will study research and informatics.  This refers to using technology for data collection and analysis.  There are many software programs for use with data collection and data analysis. Overall Topics Research Data Collection
Data Analysis
Data Mining

Module Objectives

After active participation in this learning module, the learner will:

Examine the use of technology to collect research data.
Examine the use of technology to perform data analysis.

Learning Assignments

4th ed: McGonigle & Mastrian Ch 21, 22

3th ed:  McGonigle & Mastrian 23, 24

Discussion 3: Policy and Data Mining 
After completing the assigned readings, answer the following questions:

Reflect on copyright law and why it is needed.  Suppose you determine that photographs or other images can be replicated based on your assessment of fair use, but your administrative assistant refused to photocopy them because he feels that it is copyright infringement and against company policy.  Describe in detail how you would handle this situation.

Suggest a data mining project for your practice.  Which information would you like to have about your practice area that could be extracted using data mining strategies?

A few optional readings to stimulate your thinking about data mining are:

Data mining slashes Medicaid ER visits

Big Data

Data Mining Applications in Healthcare

Each initial discussion posting should end with a question related to the topic to stimulate further discussion.

The initial posting must include at least two APA citations and references.

The participation postings to peers must be substantial and may include a story about a related experience, a probing question, or point(s) with citations and references from the literature.


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