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Portfolio of routine legal correspondence

This assignment will require the student to build a portfolio of routine legal correspondence. The types of correspondence will be representations of required correspondence at various stages of a client matter and directed to various parties in a client matter.

Read and familiarize yourself with the fact scenario below. You will be required to draft a series of legal correspondence based on the fact scenario.

Fact Scenario:

Ms. Brandi Maguire has retained you today. During the initial 30 minute consultation a week ago today, she informed you that she had filed a human rights application (HRTO File: 2019-123-45) against her former employer XYZ Property Management Inc. for discrimination based on her disability. She is seeking $100,000.00 in damages. The hearing is scheduled for 60 days from today. You have reviewed the application, which Ms. Maguire drafted on her own behalf, and the response from the Respondent. You do not want to give your final opinion on the success of the application until you review all of Ms. Maguire’s documents as it relates to her application. You have not been given her employment records and her medical records. Ms Maguire gives you her permission to obtain the documents on her behalf and have them sent directly to your office. The hearing date is quickly approaching and you need to request and receive these documents immediately.

Based on the information you have reviewed so far, you do not believe that the application will be successful. You advise Ms. Maguire that she should attempt to settle the matter without a hearing. Ms. Maguire has given you authority to try and settle with the Respondent. You think that this matter could be settled for $30,000.00. Ms. Maguire has also indicated that she would like a written apology, and a reference letter included in the settlement.

It has now been one month since Ms. Maguire retained you. You have not yet received the documents from Ms. Maguire’s physician, and Dr. Robertson has indicated that there is a cost of $568.15 to copy her medical file.

The same day you drafted the letter to the Respondent, you received a response indicating that they are not going to settle and are looking forward to your client losing.

You also received a notice from the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, reminding you of the deadline to provide the documents you will be relying on at the hearing to the Respondent and to the Tribunal.


Based on the above fact scenario, draft the following legal correspondence, using full block, mixed punctuation:

Letter for her employment records (including necessary authorizations)
Letter for her medical records (including necessary authorizations)
Letter for regarding settlement
Reporting/Status letter
Assignment Steps:

Review the assignment instructions and rubric to ensure you understand the requirements and expectations.
Set up a plan for your communication strategy. For example, do you need any additional information? Have you written to the correct party?
Create a draft of each of your letters. (Do not submit your draft documents)
Review, edit, and proofread your letters. You may find it helpful to use Appendix A in your textbook for an editing checklist.
Make the appropriate corrections
Ensure that your documents are presentable to the reader. For example, proper formatting for the type of letter you are drafting.
Note: You may make up details such as contact information etc. You are not permitted to add or alter details that significantly alter the assignment. Please see your instructor if you believe key elements are missing.
Double check your submission for completeness and accuracy making sure you have submitted all documents. On Day 6, submit the assignment to the Assignment Submission Folder – Major Assignment

Total: 30 marks

Content – Correct Scenario Based Responses

The assignment scenario is used accordingly.
Spelling and Grammar

Demonstrates understanding of writing process and sentence structure (grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation).

Demonstrates ability to draft client-centered material, legal documents in an organized, clear, concise and plain language manner.


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