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My case study will involve an individual with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who is 28 years old, middle-class socioeconomic status. The individuals disability will be primarily related to possible drawbacks and limitations and the ability to function in society. I will discuss the case in the context of applications in the context of home and workplace, providing solutions that may include special programs and supports and therapies, and will be writing from the viewpoint of a coworker. 

Title: This should be short and to the point: identify the target disability, problems, solutions.

Background of the project:review of particular disability-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Method relating to case study: Here, you will describe the participants, the instruments/measurement methods/resources used, and the process: in other words, the target population, methods, and procedure (one paragraph each for participants, instruments/resources, and process).

Solutions/Suggestions: resources, suggestions for improvement (therapy, school, workplace, etc.)

Outcome and rationale: What did you hope to achieve in this project? How will the project make a difference in the current and future condition of your client/patient? Consider the socio-cultural context/environmental factors


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