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Your Task:You will create a slideshow that explores the concept of Generational Wealth with a focus on what it looks like for African Americans and our own communities.
REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PRESENTATION There must be at least 10 body slides. This means your presentation must have a minimum of 10 slides in total. You may use more if you want. Do not exceed a maximum of 12 slides.
List of Required Points- Here are the mandatory points to be included in your presentation. You must use items from this list  but also feel free to include  items of your own.  (Quotes, Videos, Charts, Statistics, Song Lyrics, Video Clips etc) Be Creative and informative, this is your work of art.

Slides 1 and 2 -Define the term Generational Wealth. I would like you to also personalize this definition by explaining  what it means to you.

Slides 3 and 4- Identify Historical and Current factors that have made it hard for African Americans to accumulate generational wealth. (ex: slavery)

Slide 5- What are some statistics and information on the differences in Generational Wealth between African Americans and other races? (Where is this information coming from?)

Slides 6 and 7 – List Suggested Examples of Ways to Gain Generational Wealth (Identify and describe at least 4 examples) (ex: Investing in businesses)

Slides 8 and 9-  (WILL SMITH**) Identify a current figure (Celebrity, Family, Mentor, Public Figure etc) that has spoken on or encouraged the idea of  Generational Wealth
  What is their idea or advice for people of color? (Provide Quotes Or A Statement and summarize the message in your own words) 
  What action has this figure taken to create or spread the idea of generational wealth within their families, communities, or People of Color? What are some of their efforts and accomplishments?
  How successful has this person’s attempts (advice) been? This can be measured in success (Statistics), tangibility, grassroots programs, movements etc

Slide 10- A Conclusion/Your Closing Remarks


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