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Principles of Digital Forensics, Unit IV Reflection Paper

Use reflective writing to describe how the information you have learned in the first four units will benefit you in your desired occupation and to help you reflect on your own opinions and feelings about the information you have learned so far.
In this assignment, feel free to write from the first-person point of view.
Here is a checklist for this assignment:
Include an introduction.
Describe what you have learned in these first four units and how it will benefit you in your future occupation.
Share an analysis of your thoughts and feelings about what you have learned so far. What are your initial thoughts? Has this experience changed your assumptions/values/attitudes/beliefs on the subject matter?
What do any changes in your feelings/understandings about the topic imply for you personally or professionally?
Summarize what information governance and document management systems are, and explain their importance as a forensics tool based on what you have learned so far.
In addition to the textbook, use one source from the Online Library to support your analysis or summary.
Include a conclusion.
Compose your reflection in a 500-word document, organizing it as outlined above. Format your paper using APA style. Use your own words, and include citations and references as needed to avoid plagiarism.


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