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problems of overuse social media

Choose a topic that is of interest to you about an issue concerning a current social issue or modern technology and write an essay in which you take a position on that issue. Your main goal in this researched essay is to present your findings on the topic, present your position on the topic, and finally, show your audience why they should care about the topic. You must have a minimum of five primary sources. Some suggestions for topics might be the benefits created or problems caused by social media, the benefits created or problems caused by driverless vehicles, the benefits created or problems caused by the use of robots and other automation/technology in industry, police departments, or the military.
Your argument should contain
An explicit position
A response to what others have said or done
Appropriate background information
A clear indication of why the topic matters
Good reasons and evidence
Attention to more than one point of view
An authoritative tone
An appeal to readers values

The structure of your essay should follow the Classical Argument structure

Establish importance of issue
Establish credibility
State position: Explicit thesis statement
Provide necessary background information
Reasons and evidence to support position
Acknowledge possible counterarguments and refute them
Summarize arguments
Elaborate on implications
Make clear what audience to do in response

This assignment will require you to incorporate and cite within the text of your essay at least five articles. Any essay that does not include In-Text Documentation and a Works Cited list will receive a grade of 0.
Use MLA Style heading for essays without cover pages. Be sure to include headers that contain your last name and page number for each page. Be sure to double space entire essay.

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY for the Researched Argument Essay
A BIBLIOGRAPHY is a list of sources one has used in researching a topic. In an MLA formatted essay, this is called a WORKS CITED list. It includes bibliographic information, such as the author, title of article, publisher, and so on.

An ANNOTATION is a summary and an evaluation.

An ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY includes the bibliographical information and a summary and evaluation of the source.

Summarize the source
What is the main claim and main reasons?
What is the point that the book or article makes?
What topics are covered?
Evaluate the source
Identify type of source (article from scholarly journal/newspaper, book chapter, website etc.)
Evaluate the credibility of source.
Who is the author?
Is the information reliable?
What is the goal (purpose) of the source? Is it biased or objective?
Reflect on the source
Explain how the source connects and will be useful for your research report. 
How will it help you shape your report?
How can you use this source in your researched report?
WHY should you write an Annotated Bibliography?

To learn about your topic
You are forced to read source more carefully
You will be able to develop a thesis that is debatable, interesting and current.
You will understand the issues surrounding the topic more clearly, which will make it easier to develop your own point of view.

Use MLA format heading (the same as for a regular writing assignment.)
Under the heading, center the topic, followed by An Annotated Bibliography:
Example: Driverless Vehicles: An Annotated Bibliography
Under the topic: The Thesis Statement for your essay. (Exactly what position are you going to take in this essay?)
The Bibliographic Information: A Works Cited Entry for the source as it would appear on your works cited page
The Annotations, written in PARAGRAPH form
Summary of source in several sentences
Evaluation of the source
How source will be useful to you in your research project

Bibliographic Information (Works Cited Entry) and Annotations should be placed in alphabetical order by authors last name. If the article is unsigned (no author listed), go by the first important word in the title


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