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Productivity and Quality in Manufacturing and Services Sectors

First part- Report: About the registered topic; Prepare a word format report of at least 10 pages, single space, font 12, Arial (including graphics and references and if is possible: forecasting, service design, supply chain management, quality control system, project management, etc.) of :

Productivity and Quality in Manufacturing and Services Sectors

  1.  Clear and concise title
  2.  Executive Summary
  3.  Introduction (objectives, precedents, contribution, concepts, definitions)
  4.  Background or antecedents
  5.  Data description (information description, variables, target population,
      sampling units).
  6.  Methodology (calculations, statistical procedures, etc.)
  7.  Results
  8.  Discussion of results
  9.  Limitations
10. Conclusions
11. Recommendations
12. Appendix (survey, additional results, etc.)
13. References (bibliography and e-sites)

Second part- Data: Include a file of the related “recent monthly data” (last 5 years); an EXCEL format is preferred with its source or reference.


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