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Profiles in Leadership Presentation

You will personally choose and interview one leader. You may not interview a family member. Examples of leaders include, but are not limited to, former or current managers or supervisors, educational leaders, civic/business leaders, and religious leaders. This interview can take place over the phone, through e-mail, or in person.

Make a 9 slides PowerPoint with speakers note included

Ask the leader this 6 question plus an introduction slide about the leader you interviewed

1. What is the importance of trust in leadership?
2. What are the qualities you want most in an employee? Why?
3. Who has had the most influence on how you lead? Why?
4. How do your employees react to your leadership?
(Tell them servant leadership principles)
5. Do you consider yourself a servant Leader? Why?
6. Do you think your company culture is a positive culture? Why or Why not?


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