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Assess an actual justice or justice-related program from a restorative perspective. Begin by describing the program that you have chosen.  Using the restorative concepts we have explored, evaluate the program based on its restorative approach or lack there of.  Does it utilize a retributive or restorative philosophy?  Identify ways that the program could become, or be part of, a more restorative approach.  Be sure to apply specific course theories and concepts. 

You are not required to report on how effective the program has been in its restorative approach.  However, if you have this information, please include it in your paper. Rather, you should look at how the program was created and designed, then do an “audit” in which you measure it against restorative justice principles.

To help with this assessment process, you will create a restorative justice yardstick or standard.  This yardstick should consist of 4-12 criteria and should help to measure how restorative a program is in its goals and design.  Then, use this created yardstick as a measurement and guideline in evaluating the approach or program you have selected.

Here are some suggested programs/topics: school or church disciplinary procedure a post-conflict justice approach such as a truth commission specific restorative justice program traditional approaches to justice 


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