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Project Managements’ Constraints

This order is for a project management class. The following is a paper with a group project. I need to do some parts while others will do another parts of the paper. The paper is about an imaginary project with an imaginary company that they need to have an item locator in their stores around the U.S (more details will come later). My part is this time is
Project Constraint. the Constraint section in the RFP (Request For Proposal). First, before you start writing read what is the constraint section is about. Open the attached file and read (Discussion of Constraints) part. This part should give you a better understanding about what I need from you in this order. Second, read the next file (Term Paper – Draft). This paper talks talks about an imaginary company that do retail business (like Walmart or Target) and they are looking for proposal to develop devices to locate items in their stores and help their customers to make the shopping easier. Also in this file you will see Request For Proposal (RFP) is the part that my groupmates wrote so far. Read this part and go through the requirement that should be in the part you will need to write about it. Make sure you understand the last part because your writing will be about the requirements from the RFP.


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