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psychological treatment plan

The Assignment: Change Project (25%) A mock case study will be posted on Canvas. You must develop a treatment plan for this fictional client. Your plan must include a formulation of the client consider information about the clients background and provide a possible diagnosis based on the clients symptoms. You must prioritize treatment goals and determine a course of action to help the fictional client make change. The treatment plan should be based on one (or maximum two) therapies covered in this course. Papers must be submitted on Canvas by March 29 at 11:59 pm.

A detailed rubric will be provided on Canvas to clarify expectations for the assignment. Basic formatting must be adhered to including:
Only Word or PDF documents will be accepted. Submission of other documents (e.g., Pages) will result in late penalties and will not be graded until an appropriate document is received.
Five pages maximum (double-spaced). Margins must be 1 inch and font must be Times New Roman size 12. Any assignment that exceeds the maximum page limit (or uses font size/margins to work around the page limit) will be docked 2 points.
All papers must be in APA style (including a cover page with a header, title, and your name/student ID) and must include an APA reference list for cited sources. Sources must be cited in-text and in the reference list. There is no max/min for sources. Lecture content should be cited if utilized.
Papers should be written in future tense (as though you have met with the client once to gather information and are now planning the treatment).


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