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1)Give at least six people one version of the case summary and a copy of the questionnaire.Distribute the case summaries randomly and evenly so that three people get Case Summary A and three people get Case Summary B.The case summary describes a criminal case in which a defendant has been accused of armed robbery. One version of the case summary includes information about the defendants criminal history and the other does not.What we are doing here is we are focusing on how information about a defendants criminal history influences jurors perceptions of guilt and we are collecting this data for a class project.Don’t collect any identifying information from the people like their names on the forms.

2)Design an experiment about how does social media use influence self-esteem.Describe what your experimental design would look like. What are the independent variable(s) and how would you operationalize them? What are the dependent variable(s) and how would you measure them? Who would serve as your sample? What would the materials consist of and/or what would the procedure be? Will it be between- or within-subjects?


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