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Select a current social problem article about your final project topic and write a complete 2 page summary. Include Separate cover page. Follow Guidelines for Writing Assignments in Introduction. A summary is not expressing your opinion, but explaining who, what, where, when, how and why. State how and why this is a social problem and include  a Fallacies of Thinking, social research data and present resource from the media in MLA format. Submit a link to the article.
Please submit all written assignments in doc or docx
Separate Cover Page
Top and Bottom margins no more than 1 inch
Side margins no more than 1.25
Font 12 Times New Roman, Ariel or something similar
Use Headings (When Required)
Bibliography- MLA style Check Citing Sources in Introduction
Length- 2 pages must be 2 completed pages- Cover page does not count.
All papers are to have an Introduction, Details, Conclusion and MLA citations
Avoid simple words such as : got, a lot of, good, using too many that and I.


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