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Public Health

Responses and definition must be in your own words (plagiarism-free)
Citations must be cited for part A.

Part A
What is epidemiologic surveillance and why is it important for public health? (Length: 2-4 sentences.)

What makes the “who”, “when”, and “where” questions useful in determining causes of disease?  Provide an example. (Length: 5-6 sentences.)

Part B:
Define the following terms in your own words (length: one to two sentences for each one):

Primary prevention
Secondary prevention
Tertiary prevention

You were just appointed to the health promotion board at a University, the promotion focuses on student, employee, and community health promotion programs. The health promotion board is particularly concerned about an increase in cervical cancer in recent years. Identify a cervical cancer prevention strategy that would target each level of prevention and explain how each prevention program would affect population health.

NOTE: you must provide more than “The prevention program would help prevent cervical cancer. Take it a step or two beyond that and think about the target outcomes for each level of prevention. (length: three to four sentences for each one).
Primary prevention
Secondary prevention
Tertiary prevention

Please separate your paper into two separate parts (PART A & PART B)


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