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1. Name of the insurance, sponsoring company/organization, its address and contact
    Is it your own?  Your parents?  Is it through your work?  Is it Medicaid?

2. premium per month.

3. Hospital care: Does your neighborhood hospital take your insurance?  Maximum number of days allowed for hospitalization. 

4.Outpatient: Copay?  Find a GP in your neighborhood who takes your insurance (or family doctor, OB/GNY specialist).

5.    Childbirth?
6.    Abortion?

7.    Pharmacy coverage copay

8.    Contraceptive coverage?

9. Mental health care For out patient care, how many times/visits per year allowed, copay, deductible
10.Dental coverage?

11.Compare with another insurance (such as your classmates):  Briefly discuss which insurance plan may be better for participants and why. (less than 100 words.)


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