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Race & Ethnicity

All submitted papers must be written in Times New Roman font size 12 with 1-inch margins, double-spaced. Your term paper must follow the ASA Style sheet (which is at the end of the syllabus) with both in-text citations and a works cited section for those citations. All papers must be submitted to TurnItIn, which will detect plagiarism (including multi-submitted papers).

You should have 3-4 main reasons to support your argument using 3-4 readings from the class. You are also welcome to use outside sources as well.

Topic I chose:
How All Lives Matter is used as rearticulation to justify colorblind racial ideology to dismantle Black Lives Matter.

Use these readings including other ones you find:
Eduardo Bonilla-Silva. 2015. The Structure of Racism in Color-Blind, Post-Racial America.
Omi and Winant, pp. 161-244
Ira Katznelson. 2006. When Affirmative Action was White.

Omi and Winant Ch. 7
Racial Reaction: Containment and Rearticulation;
Ch. 8 Colorblindness, Neoliberalism, and Obama

APA Citation:
You do not have to include an abstract. Also, your title page and abstract (if you choose to write one), will not count toward the required page count for this assignment. In other words, you must write 6-8 full pages of text, not including your title page, abstract or bibliography.


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