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Randomized Block

Summarize In Your Own Words : Randomized Block In One Or Two Page
Designs (pp. 43-48) Of The Course Notes.

4. [15 marks] Using 1 to 2 pages, summarize in your own words, Section 2.3 : Randomized Block Designs (pp. 43-48) of the course notes.

You are recommended to use a combination of formulae and text. Feel free to incorporate plots if that helps.
An example is always helpful. You may use the resources introduced in the course outline for ideas, but the wording of the example, solution, and interpretation of the results (both statistical and in the context of the problem) must be yours.
You may include scans of handwritten formulae, math, and/or tables but your explanations and text must be typed and not scanned and/or screenshot.
Rubric :
Statistical clarity, organization, flow, and staying within page limit : 4 marks
Grammar, punctuation, and clarity of the explanations: 4 marks
Coverage, depth, using relevant terminology, and example: 7 marks


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