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Reaction Paper; Mental Health Critique Assignment

Reaction paper: Introduction to Mental Health Nursing: Video Critique (10 Points)

Watch at least one of the video listed in (section A 1 or 2) of your video resource sheet, then answer the questions listed below:

Instructions:  [1]

Not more than 200-300 words
Typed word document
What stood out the most as being appealing or disturbing? [2]
Do you believe in 2020 things have improved significantly or not ?  [2]
How has this impacted your initial thoughts about mental health disorders and management approaches?  [4]
Each student is required to do a peer review using the attached rubric . [1]
[Feel free to watch both but you are only required to review one then answer the above questions]

Mental Health Video_Other Resources

A.  Introduction to psychiatric mental health disorders:

Children of Darkness is an Oscar nominated 1983 documentary-Richard Kotuk (1Hr)


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