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Reaction Paper: The Hate U Give

1. Complete the assigned reading before you write your paper.

2. The film “The Hate U Give”, addresses many contemporary issues that African American teenagers and their families face as they go around their lives today. Identify and discuss 3 themes or patterns reviewed in the course in Unit 3 (Parenting & Child Development; Racial Socialization; Racial Identity) that reflect distinct aspects of African American family life as reflected through the prism

Using your reaction paper as an opportunity for personal reflection on the film. Take notes while viewing the film to aid your writing. Your paper should address your thoughts and impressions about the film with respect to 2-3 key issues that are addressed in some way in the readings. What have you learned about the issues faced?

Addressing the reading in a substantive manner means going beyond mere mention of the reading. Higher scoring papers will demonstrate some analysis and depth of understanding of how the film and readings reflect major themes covered in the course/course unit.

Please attend to issues of grammar, punctuation, clarity, and organization. Short papers are not necessarily easier papers.


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