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Read the rubric labeled Strategy Application Project Assessment Rubric for all requirements for this project.

You will be completing this assignment in sections so I will upload the other sections separately! But for now please only focus on completing the 4 FULL PAGES on:

I. Planning

1. Identify an evidence-based strategy (by name; you will find this in the title of the article I uploaded) from a peer reviewed article (put in APA format), the strategys specific purpose and/or intended outcomes, and provide a rationale for why the strategy is appropriate for a targeted student(s) who will benefit from use of this strategy; you will need to get instructor approval for use

2. Article Summary Table

3. Develop a brief assessment of student(s) targeted skill, which should align with the selected strategy

4. Develop any materials for strategy implementation

5. List the specific, detailed steps of the strategy (out of class assignment) in a numbered sequence that acts as a task scaffold for someone who wishes to be guided, step-by-step, through using the strategy. (You will complete micro-teaching of the strategy to classmates (in class assignment)

Note: Please only use the material I provide to you! Also, I will keep uploading additional material for you.


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