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Page One:

Reading Comprehension Apply the Concept Activity (10 points)

Look at the attached IRIS Case Study PDF.  Your assignment is to read the case study on page 3 (Case Study Level A, Case 2) about Pablo.  At the bottom of the page, it says: Assignment.  Please answer the questions in the Assignment. 

Pages 7-17 of the PDF have STAR Sheets which review comprehension strategies.  Please refer to these pages when completing the assignment.

The pdf to use for this paragraph is uploaded for you!

*** Your response should be about 1 paragraph.***

Be sure to include the following in your paragraph:

1) Describe each strategy on the STAR sheet (3  points)
2) Define literal, evaluative, and inferential comprehension (3 points)
3) Describe how each strategy could be used to assist Pablo in achieving his goals (4 points)

Page Two:

Vocabulary Apply the Concept Activity (10 points)

Step 1: Pick two vocabulary words related to this course: (a) One that is academic in nature (e.g. fluency, prosody) and (b) one that might be considered high utility (used for different purposes or across domains like comprehension). (4 points)

Step 2: Use two different strategies to learn the definition (e.g. Frayer model, keyword strategy, structural analysis).  Examples have been provided in the Powerpoint for how to use these strategies, in the text book and in the Reading Rocket link.  You should have two separate papers to turn in. You can hand write it, take a picture or scan it and post it or you can use the computer. (6 points)

Here is a website link to use:

Will upload all other resources for page two requirements later.


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