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Read the written report and Compare and contrast the current situations of selected X1s X2 and Y1s Y2 in Z for each of the following dimensions

Hi, I assigned you again because I loved your work:)
Firstly, Sorry for my insufficient explanation here..!
A few days ago you did the report for me, right? about “Introduce your selected X1 and X2, and provide reasons for your selection” This time, the task is kind of an extension of what you did in task one. Basically, you need to compare with two which is X1(Uniqlo), X2 (Life-wear clothes)  AND  Y1(H&M), Y2 (Life-wear clothes) in Z (Sweden, H&Ms original/local market)

what you have to do is this

Compare and contrast the current situations of your selected X1s X2 and Y1s Y2 in Z for each of the following dimensions:
(1)International Market Environment (2)Targeting & Positioning
(3) Product
(4) Price
(5) Place/Channel (6) Promotion

Collect relevant information and use up-to-date information (2018-2020) to complete this task.
Present the findings regarding these dimensions for each brand first, and then compare and contrast them.
Recall what you learned about any business analysis tool such as SWOT matrix, and use it (them) in the processing of your information.

And I added the contents more about Y1, Y2, and Z which is what you have to compare with X1, X2. basically, as you can on the report, I decided to go Y1 (H&M)
Y2 (Life-wear clothes) and Z for (Sweden, H&Ms original/local market)

Simple like this
X1:  Uniqlo
X2:  Life-wear clothes
Y1:  H&M
Y2:  Life-wear clothes
Z:  Sweden, H&Ms original/local market)

I am going to attach here the report and task explanation, so you can have a look. If you don’t understand anything. Please let me know.


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