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Riding 3 Tavani Chapter 9, 10, 11, 12 Reading Response Prompts:

1-Describe the arguments for why cyberspace should be viewed as a medium, and why it should be viewed as a place.
2- What is digital rights management (DRM) technology, and why is it controversial?
3- What is the digital divide, and why is it significant?
4- What is the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), and which kinds of special equity-and-access issues affecting disabled persons has WAI addressed?
5-What is a virtual environment (VE), and how does it different from a virtual (or online) community?
6- How do online communities, especially SNSs, facilitate anonymity and polarization?
7- What is artificial intelligence (AI)?
8- What is ubiquitous communication, and what kinds of controversies does it raise?
9-What kinds of ethical challenges do ongoing developments in nanotechnology and nanocomputing pose with respect to privacy and longevity?


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