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Recommendations and Action Plans

For this assignment, you will complete recommendations and action plans for privacy and security based on risks. You will integrate security and privacy requirements into HIM processes and consider the ethical and legal implications related to the use of health information. The final product will be a risk report.

Outline recommendations to avoid privacy and security violations identified in audit results.
Include at least three recommendations.
Outline action plans associated with each recommendation.
Include at least three action plans.
Discuss best practices, policies, and/or procedures that directly support the recommendations and actions plans.
Pay attention to the distinctions between recommendations; action plans; and practices, policies, and/or procedures in constructing your plan. Recommendations indicate what must be done; action plans show how it must be done; best practices, policies, and/or procedures outline how, by whom,  and in which settings and circumstances the recommendations and action plans are put into effect.
Summarize key uses of HIPAA standards, and legal and ethical implications, in relation to the recommendations and action plans. 
Submission Requirements
Format: Complete your assignment in the Risk Report Template provided in the resources.
References: Follow APA style and formatting guidelines for resources and citations.
Writing: Create a document that is clearly written and generally free of grammatical errors.


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