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Read the case studie, 4.5 Theres No Place Like School page 58, and answer the questions.
1. What are the benefits and drawbacks of placing students in need of learning support in Mrs. Clays classroom? What are the benefits or drawbacks of placing them in classrooms other than hers? Does Mrs. Stell need to consider Mrs. Clays professional beliefs before placing students in her classroom? Why or why not?
2. If Mrs. Stell refrains from placing students receiving learning support in Mrs. Clays classroom, how might that affect the school community? How do the students and parents wishes play into this problem?
3. If Mrs. Clay is assigned students with learning support, what support should the principal and Mrs. Stell offer? If Mrs. Clay is not assigned students with learning support, what role will she play to effect change toward a more inclusive philosophy?
4. What does the law say about placing students receiving special education services in regular classrooms?


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