Reducing The Risk Of Food-Borne Illnesses Essay

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plan (HACCP) is a system used to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses in the United States. Preventing problems from occurring is the paramount goal underlying any HACCP system. The principles employed in the development of HACCP plans meet the goal of preventing foodborne illnesses.


In a PowerPoint presentation of 5-10 slides, describe the history and application of the HACCP system, addressing the following:


Provide a brief history of HACCP.


Describe the steps involved in the development and implementation of a HACCP plan.


What are the advantages of using HACCP rather than traditional food safety programs in retail food establishments?


Describe critical control points and critical limits as they are used in HACCP programs and what happens when there is a deviation.


Why is monitoring an important step in the HACCP system?


You are required to use a minimum of three additional references in preparing your presentation.


APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.


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