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The purpose of this Essay is to acquaint you with an important Sacred Text of Hinduism. The Kena Upanishad is in a group of fourteen Upanishads that are the focus of philosophy in India. When one knows that over 200 Upanishads have been passed down, this emphasizes its significance.

This assignment involves two readings. First, you are asked to read The Kena Upanishad as translated by Max Mller. The second reading will be The Kena Upanishad as translated and commented upon by M. Ram Murty. Of course, you are free to read as you choose; however, to get the impact of the unique nature of Hindu Upanishads, I hope you read Mllers translation first as it has no commentary. Doing this will introduce you to the one of a kind nature of the Upanishads. Following Mllers translation with Murtys translation with comments will be welcomed!

The Kena Upanishad in Mllers translation will be found as follows:
Go to Select Hinduism on the opening page. Then scroll down that page to Upanishads. Click on Upanishads and you will get a page, Upanishads English Translations. On that page scroll down to The Kena Upanishad or Talavakara Upanishad Translation by Max Muller. Be patient as you will scroll through many selections! Now, click open Mllers translation and read!


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