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Reproductive justice

This assignment is a combination of “Parenting and Reproductive Justice” and “Girlhood & Boyhood”.  In addition to “Moonlight” (Kanopy), watch “The History of Reproductive Justice” and answer the following questions.  Answers should be substantial and pull in the readings from both sections.

1. What are the intersectional factors at play in Chiron’s life, how is life made more difficult for him due to these factors?

2. How does Chiron’s life connect to a re(imaging) of black boyhood?

3. How does the United States “manage fertility” and how does this specifically affect marginalized communities? (May need to conduct outside research)

4. Provide one option that can contribute to a reproductive justice agenda:

-“Parenting and Reproductive Justice” + “Girlhood & Boyhood” , reading files attached
-“The History of Reproductive Justice”,


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