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You are asked to write a 1- page summary of one of the articles available in your Content folder. If you last name starts with A-M chose either Democratization or Evaluation. If you last name starts with N Z chose either Individualism or Mothers.

The purpose of this paper is to showcase your understanding of how research methods and data serve to answer research question(s). Thus, your paper should focus on research design, methods and data of original research (if the article is a second data analysis).

The paper needs to address:
1.    Reference the article in APA
2.    Research problem
3.    Prior deficiency brought up by the researcher (just one)
4.    Significance of the study
5.    Research question or hypothesis
6.    The worldview
7.    Research inquiry (qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods)
8.    Specific type of research design (e.g. experiment, ethnography etc.)
9.    Use of specific research instruments (e.g. survey, interview) and characteristics of the instrument
10.    Sample size, how it was generated, type, characteristics
11.    Explanation why the researcher(s) selected this particular research design and the sample.

This paper can be written in an essay format or you can just address each of those points in paragraphs or in bullet points. Provide all the details.


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