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You will prepare a history of a tool, device, technology, or system, that interests you. It could be as simple as a wrench or screwdriver, an electric or electronic device, or something as complex as the International Space Station, or anything in between. Ideally, you would choose a device that you know well through your work or through your own experiences and activities.

For instance, if you work in warehousing or logistics, you might research and write a history of the forklift. If you work for a manufacturer, you might research and write the history of the assembly line. If you work for a utility, you might research and write a history of an electrical generator or the electric distribution grid. These are the kinds of questions to begin your research:

Who invited the device? When was it invented? What problem was the inventor attempting to solve by creating or improving the device? What power sources did it use at first? How have the power sources changed over time? What companies are the primary manufacturers of the device? Who are the workers who work in the manufacturing facilities? What companies or industries use the device? Who are the workers who use the device? What kinds of wages do the makers and the users earn? What materials are used to make the device? From where are these materials sourced and how are they transported to the manufacturer? How is the device distributed to the end users? What kind of training is required to use the device? Who regulates that training?

No matter what kind of device you choose, you can apply these kinds of questions to that device. It might be a drilling or fracking rig, an electronic multimeter, a transistor or integrated circuit, a programmable logic controller, a golf cart, a jet ski, a hunting rifle, or the bass boat you’ve always wanted.

Please complete enough research to write an essay of 800 words. Please make sure to cite all of your sources using MLA format and a works cited page:

Author last name, Author first name, Title of Source, Publishing Year, URL link (if needed), Page number (if needed)

Submit your essay using the link above. Please make sure you re-write all information into your own words.


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