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research proposal speech chosen primary articles related to T2DM

I have selected 8 primary article to use for systematic review. I have slides but only need speech. I will gibe another details once I have discussed writer. This speech will include these details:

    The 10 minutes Major Project presentation should have no more than 10 minutes which will explain to your audience (fellow students and tutor) why you have chosen the specific topic of type 2 diabetes. Your presentation should answer questions such as: Why this topic was chosen? What are you trying to achieve by undertaking this critical literature review? How you are planning to undertake this critical literature review by using systematic methods? Which databases are you planning to search?

    I hope this given you a rough idea what this presentation will entail. Each student will need to present what topic he or she have chosen, how he or she are planning to undertake the literature review, what steps, what they are trying to get out of this critical literature review (benefits to clinical practice and patients)


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