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As the CIO has addressed in her concern, many of the stakeholders and the CFO has accepted implementing the new system into the organization over the old system and are expecting little or no risk and issues with the new system. However, a lot of attention should be towards key change management functions, such as “communication, process redesign, end user engagement, education and training, support and evaluation.” Organizations underestimates the amount of investment needed for change management. Lynn Nagle defined change management to be integral to capital budget, as investing significantly in the process will maximize adoption of the new digital health system and to assure the optimal use of resources. She also defined the adoption of an EHR system as the function of investment in the system and change management. (a = f(ie, ic), with ie = investment and ic = investment in change management) [1]
To handle the change management issues and to implement newer technologies successfully, a migration path should be constructed. The migration road-map ensures that the core processes and technology requirements are understood, determines the technology that are already in place and where the gaps are, and create a plan that compliments with the new technology to enable new workflow of the organization. Using the old system’s architecture as a baseline and understanding the expected technology requirements in the new system, the implementation team will be able to identify missing components, prioritize the requirements, and build the roadmap into yearly phases. [2] The new workflow and technologies will influence the change management functions, as mentioned above, and the ability of the organization and its stakeholders to learn from its own challenges, as well as the challenges from other organizations. With the help of a migration path, a more clear workflow will be designed and the communication of the new processes to be understood will lower the risks and issues of implementing a successful new system.
[1] Nagle, L. M., & Catford, P. (2008). Toward a Model of Successful Electronic Health Record Adoption. Retrieved March 7, 2020, from
[2] Turisco, F., & Blackburn, C. (2014, February). Building a Technology Roadmap that Supports YOUR Organization’s Value-Based Care Model. Retrieved March 7, 2020, from Advisors – Technology Roadmap.pdf


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