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As Alkhenizan and Shaw (2011) have noted, Accreditation is usually a voluntary program, sponsored by a non-governmental organization (NGO), in which trained external peer reviewers to evaluate a healthcare organization’s compliance and compare it with pre-established performance standards.

In addition, Alkhenizan and Shaw (2011) claimed that the American College of Surgeons started the quality standard for hospitals and other medical facilities in the United States in 1917. Alkhenizan and Shaw (2011) argued that the evidence consistently showed that healthcare services, especially general accreditation programs have improved the process of care in healthcare organizations. Alkhenizan and Shaw (2011) insisted that Accreditation programs were critical because of their role to ameliorate the quality of healthcare services.

Moreover, Knopf (2018) pointed out that, “Accreditation is a driver for quality,” Johnson of CARF says. “We do change and update standards. That forces organizations to move forward.” Licensing, on the other hand, is often called “taking the same test over and over again, because the rules don’t change, and the test doesn’t change. Knopf (2018) answered the question regarding what health care administrators need to do to avoid conflicts about missions and roles of accreditors in order to assure that the health care organization remains accredited and has an increased opportunity for sustainability by rethinking the how and why of accreditation stay strong the board and management, and give rise to strong programs. Knopf (2018) emphasized that changing and updating standards were important.

Finally, Haag et al. (2019) reasoned organizational relationships such as networking between directors or navigators of all types and all practice was critical. According to Knopf (2018 certification standards provide a strong framework for health organizations such as behavioral health due to a development of an integrated delivery model that is effective and efficient in delivering high-quality and safe care to individuals who have prevailing mental health or substance use disorder along with acute or chronic medical needs. Tabrizi et al. (2011) argued that it was important for accreditation programs to be independent of government and funders. Generally, accreditation programs improve the process of care provided by healthcare services (Alkhenizan & Shaw, 2011).


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